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React Password Validator

Recreate a password validator in React. Your final product should function similarly to this deployed version of the component.

Getting Started

  • Fork and clone this repo
  • Once you have the app locally, install necessary dependencies with $ npm install
  • Start the development server locally with $ npm start, then visit localhost:3000 in the browser to view app


Take the existing markup rendered from the Validator component in src/Validator.js and change into a fully functioning component. This means that you only have to add functionality -- not markup or styling -- to the existing code!

For this exercise, don't be concerned about the distinction between container and presentational components.


  1. Add your form inputs in Validator.js. Include inputs for email, password, passwordConfirm, and a submit button.
  2. Add a constructor method and initialize state. Your state should include email, password, passwordConfirm, and valid properties.
    this.state = {
      email: '',
      password: '',
      passwordConfirm: '',
      valid: true
  1. Add methods for handling inputs for password and password confirm, and checking that the passwords match. Be sure to update state in these methods using .setState
  2. Bind the methods in the constructor.
  3. Display a message if the user's inputs are valid.


  • Make sure validation message doesn't show up until the User presses submit.
  • Make sure passwords are at least 7 characters in length.
  • Make sure passwords includes a number and a special character. (Check out Regex)
  • Validate the email to make sure it includes an @ sign.
  • Highlight the inputs where the errors occurred.

Double Mega Bonus

  • Include inputs for a date of birth with at least one validator.
  • Check out the Luhn Algorithm and try your hand in validating a credit card number.