Guided exercise on using feature branches
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Feature Branch

This is a guided exercise for a pair of students, walking through how to create an use feature branches. Within your pair, decide who should play the role of Student 1 and Student 2.


To get started, Student 1 should fork this repository to their own account and add Student 2 as a collaborator.

To add someone as a collaborator, go to the "Settings" tab on the GitHub page for the repository and then navigate to the "Collaborators & teams" menu item. Student 2 will receive an email with a confirmation link.

Once Student 2 has been added as a collaborator, both students should clone the repository from Student 1's fork and run npm install.

Feature Branches

Feature branches are useful for - you guessed it - building out a feature in isolation. Work on one feature branch won't affect work on another and they can be merged back in to master when ready.

This application is a simple website built with React. Both students will be creating a feature branch, building out a new component on their feature branch then pushing their feature branch to GitHub and creating a pull request.


Student 1

Create a feature branch called home-page. Inside of Home.js build out a simple component called <Home> that renders an <h1> with "Home" in it.

Student 2

Create a feature branch called about-page. Inside of About.js, build out a simple component called <About> that renders an <h1> with "About" in it.

Both Students

Add and commit your changes. Then push them up to the remote version of your feature branch (git push origin <branch_name>). On GitHub, make a pull request from your branch for your changes to be merged in.

Student 1 should merge Student 2's pull request and vice versa. If there are merge conflicts, go a head and resolve them.

Both Students Check out master and pull the latest changes. You should have both the <Home> and <About> components now.