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Washington D.C. Student Homework Submissions

Outcomes Homework

  • Homework will follow the exact same requirements and format as your in-class homework. You will always have competing pressure to complete outcomes work or your classwork. Manage your time effectively and use allocated outcomes work time wisely!
  • Turn in something. Turning in an incomplete assignment is infinitely better than turning in nothing at all. We can't get you the help you need unless we see what you're working on. That said...if you turn your assignments in late, you will risk receiving feedback in a timely matter.
  • You can track your homework completion rate in Garnet

Due Dates and Grading

  • You will be assigned homework every week. Outcomes HW is due every Monday at 7 pm.
  • You will receive feedback on some of your homework assignments. Each homework details if you will receive feedback and when. We will always check that it's completed. If you have any questions about your work or want additional feedback, please come by office hours or set up a 1:1 with us.
  • We rely on homework to know where you're at. It's very much to your advantage to turn in your homework the day it's assigned, even if -- especially if -- you're not able to finish it. Then we can address concerns and keep you from falling behind. We provide this flexibility to account for extenuating circumstances.
  • Friendly reminder that Outcomes is part of your graduation requirements. If you fall behind or don't have your toolkit materials completed, you will be at risk for graduation, losing Outcomes support.

How to Submit Your Outcomes Homework

  • After worksheets, we'll be using github to submit all HW:

  • You will need to have a Github Enterprise Account created by week 2 of your program. Please be sure your FIRST NAME + LAST NAME and a headshot is used for your user name.

    1. At the top of the page, click on the "Issue" Navigation item (next to < > Code)

    2. Click on "New Issue" (Green button on the right hand side)

    3. Submit your HW and name your issue: Firstname Lastname, Cohort: Assignment Title

      • i.e. John Doe (UXDI17): Final Brand Statement
      • i.e. Mickey Mouse (WDI25): Final Resume
      • i.e. Jack Frost (DSI13): Final LinkedIn Page
      • i.e. Peter Pan (UXDI23): Final Portfolio
    4. Someone from the outcomes team will provide you feedback and will close your issue when you have received feedback. Keep an eye out in your email and github alerts. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

    5. Remember, Outcomes HW is required in order to graduate and be successful in your job search!

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