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# 2048 App

This is a remake of the popular mobile game 2048. The objective of the game is to move and combine valued tiles in a 4x4 grid to get a score of
2048. (However, the user can score >2048 too!)

## Getting Started
Once downloaded, open [this](./index.html) in a web browser.

## Instructions for Gameplay
User will use the arrow keys to move the tiles on the board. If two tiles of the same value are moved and are next to each other then
they will merge into one tile with a value of the sum of the two tiles. Game ends when the user decides to quit or when there are no more possible moves left.

###### Wireframes

###### User Story

When the page first load, the user can see the start-screen where the user can press one of 2 buttons ("play" and "instructions"). When the
user press "instructions", a modal will pop up with instructions text. At the modal, there is a "close" button to close the modal. When the
user press "play", the user will now see the game-screen and can start playing the game using the arrow keys. The user can also quit the game at any
time by pressing the "quit" button at the game-screen.

## Built With
- HTML/CSS/Javascript
- [JQuery](
- [Velocity.js](

## Author

Danny Wong, UCLA '18, GA Fellowship Program

## Acknowledgements

This game was originally designed and created by [Gabriele Cirulli](

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