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WDI Emergency Compliment, in Express


Create your own version of Emergency Compliment, using Express. When a user visits the site, they should be greeted with a WDI-themed compliment to cheer them up.

Level 1: generic compliment

When you visit the root ("/") of your app, it should display a generic greeting and a randomly chosen compliment. The background color of the app should be randomized as well.

Here are some sample compliments and colors (feel free to substitute in your own):

compliments = [
  "Your instructors love you",
  "High five = ^5",
  "Is it Ruby Tuesday yet?",
  "It's almost beer o'clock",
  "The Force is strong with you"

colors = ["#FFBF00", "#0080FF","#01DF3A","#FF0080"]

Level 2: personalized compliment

When you visit "/name" (ie: "/randy"), the greeting should personalize itself to the provided name. There should still be a random compliment and background color.

Level 3: user submitted compliments

Allow a user to add to the list of compliments using a POST request. You can submit POST requests to the app using Postman or a form.

How/where would you store these compliments?