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# project-one
# Pokawaii

Pokawaii is a short, but sweet game with 3 main characters and one hidden character. It attempts to appeal to people like the developer: Nerdy and in love with aesthetics.

## Languages/Libraries Used


-Vanilla JS



-Velocity (for header movements on inital page load)

## Other Programs Used

-Pixaki, to draw the map, characters, 'coins', logo, and pokemon. for wireframe building

## User stories:

### SPRINT 1

Create local repo, basic styling and info. Make start screen, allow user to naviagte between pages. Begin drawing characters and map.

### SPRINT 2

Add Map to game, Add characters and 'secret' character, draw coins and add to map for characters to collect.

if time allows: Randomize coins instead of just adding to map at specified coordinates.

### SPRINT 3

Add keypress functions and support for WASD keys. Fix styling ad positions of images and text in CSS. Collision detection.

BONUS features:

Lots of CSS and ability to change character speed through the editor by setting the variable "moveDistance: "

Personalizing each character by giving them specific coins, prizes, etc.

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