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Pokawaii is a short, but sweet game with 3 main characters and one hidden character. It attempts to appeal to people like the developer: Nerdy and in love with aesthetics.

Languages/Libraries Used


-Vanilla JS



-Velocity (for header movements on inital page load)

Other Programs Used

-Pixaki, to draw the map, characters, 'coins', logo, and pokemon. for wireframe building

User stories:


Create local repo, basic styling and info. Make start screen, allow user to naviagte between pages. Begin drawing characters and map.


Add Map to game, Add characters and 'secret' character, draw coins and add to map for characters to collect.

if time allows: Randomize coins instead of just adding to map at specified coordinates.


Add keypress functions and support for WASD keys. Fix styling ad positions of images and text in CSS. Collision detection.

BONUS features:

Lots of CSS and ability to change character speed through the editor by setting the variable "moveDistance: "

Personalizing each character by giving them specific coins, prizes, etc.

Wire frames

Link to wireframes