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MVP (Minimal Viable Product) I. Players will be able to play a game of rock, paper, scissors against a cpu. The game begins by choosing rock, paper, or scissors via clicking the corresponding button to the three choices. The cpu will randomly generate a choice of rock, paper, or scissors and the two choices will be compared. The results will be displayed and the win counter will be updated.

What is this project? I. This project is my attempt at applying the knowledge I have gained while attending General Assembly's Software Engineer Immersive - Remote coding bootcamp.

II. This project is an attempt to create a digital version of the popular kids game rock, paper, scissors using basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

III. The initial game logic was discussed with an SEI-11 instructor, and during that discussion intial work was presented and approved to carry on with the project.

Why this game? I. I wanted challenge myself and apply my knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

II. My goal was to deliver a project that sufficed the MVP stated above with my own orginal work along with adaptations and inspirations from class lectures and outside resources.

IV. Links to the sources that I drew knowledge and insight from are listed below under references.

V. The game does not require players to install anything. Players can play the game by run the file on a web browser.

VI. The game is very limited in its features, however, it met my MVP. There are plans to revisit this project at a later time and apply new skills and knowledge to make the game even better.

Unsolved Problems I. The game does not reset after each round of play.

II. Players are able to click the different choices available while the cpu' choice remains the same. Thus, allowing for the win counter to increment indefinitely.

III. The toggle function applies to all buttons indiscriminately.

Technology used to develop the game. Macbook Pro VS Code Google Chrome Developer Tools

User stories. i. The player clicks the "Start Game" button and the game begins.

ii. The player chooses rock, paper, or scissors by clicking on the respective button.

iii. The player waits for the cpu to generate their choice and the results will be displayed.

iv. The player will receive a message of who wins each round. The player will be prompted to choose to continue playing once either players win 3 out of 5 rounds.

Wireframe ![wireframe sketch](see assets folder wireframe.png)

References: Author: Dalton Hart Publication: Github Link:

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Author: Ania Kubow Publication: YouTube Link:

Author: Hitesh Choudhary Publication: YouTube Link:

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Article: Document.getElementById() Publication: MDN web docs Link:

Article: Publication: MDN web docs Link:

Article: .toggle() Publication: Link:

Article: ID Selector ('#id) Publication: Link:

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