Create a new functional website for the NYC restaurant Ladybird
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This project is a redesign of the website for New York City restaurant Ladybird.

Their Old Site

To Contribute to our project

Getting Started

  • Fork and clone this repository
  • Inside the new directory, run the following commands in your CLI:
    • npm install
    • npm run db:init
    • npm run db:reset
    • npm run db:seed
  • Code away!
  • Submit a Pull Request

Useful npm scripts

If you simply intend to work on the front end (React, CSS, Axios, etc.), you'll want to run npm start, so that the server will start and continue to run seamlessly, and you'll be able to see your changes every time you save.

If you intend to work on the back end of the site (express, Sequelize, etc.), you'll want to run npm run dev, so that the server will restart whenever you save changes.

Component Hierarchy

Component Hierarchy Image hierarchy