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  • Create an HTTP web wrapper around a set of model code.


Follow the instructions for setting up a new project from the mehn-template-project readme.

NOTE: be sure that server.js uses the express.json() middleware and not the express.urlencoded() middleware.

Create API

  1. Copy the models/template.js to models/shops.js
  2. In models/shops.js create a set of functions to perform the following:
function name parameters return
getShops n/a list of shops
getShop index single shop
createShop n/a new shop
addShop newShop n/a
deleteShop index n/a
updateShop index, shop n/a

Each coffee shop should have the following schema:

  • name (string)
  • employees (number)
  • currentlyOpen (boolean)

Create Web Server

  1. Copy the controllers/template.js file to controllers/shops.js
  2. In controllers/shops.js create as set of HTTP request handlers to do the following:
path Method model function to call
/shops GET getShops
/shops/:index GET getShop
/shops/new GET createShop
/shops POST addShop
/shops/:index DELETE deleteShop
/shops/:index PUT updateShop

Strech Goals

  1. Add some more methods to your model that modify the data inside of the coffee shop (such as adding a menu item or changing the name) and write an HTTP request handler around that.
  2. create an other model called employees. Create a controller for these employees
  3. add a key to the employees model called shopIndex. Add a method that will get all employees given the value of shopIndex.
  4. Write an controller function that uses the function from the previous step.