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Dance Everyday

Quality Gate Status

Dance Everyday is a website in which dance venues and events will display in New York. With Dance Everyday users will be able to search for dance events around the city as well as add/edit/delete their own!

Project Structure

Each folder is a fully functional piece of this project. All you need to do after cloning the repository is to move into the folder, install the dependencies, and play/test/build! Or you can, inside of the root folder, simply type docker-compose up in your terminal to have a dev version of this website running on your system.


This repo started as a collaborative project between Jaabel Lopez, Anna Moser, and Nelson Lopez during the winter cohort at General Assembly 2019. Hopefully with a community driven repository we can offer a potent tool for any dance enthusiast.

Please Note

This project is currently undergoing several changes to both architecture and build. Several features might not be fully available until further releases.

Running the Project


  1. Docker


  1. git clone
  2. cd dance-everyday
  3. docker-compose up
  4. open localhost:8080 on your browser


  1. open localhost:5050
  2. credentials for PGAdmin log in: email - "" password - "password"
  3. database credentials: database name: "db" username - "postgres" password - "postgres"

Endpoints for API

All REST endpoints should be documented via Swagger at localhost:3000/api once the container is up and running.


Do you have any suggestions? Did I miss out on something you absolutely think is needed? Well then open an issue, or better yet, a pull request! I'll be happy to look over any topics and try to help figure out how to test them or to merge any PRs that add to the value of the repository.

Change log

The change log can be found on the Releases page.

Authors and license

Nelson Lopez and contributors.

MIT License, see the included file.

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