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GA Cog

Welcome to Tunely lab

This is a Full CRUD project using Express

  • For this lab we'll be working in teams!
  • Standby for further intruction from your instructors as to which team you'll be joining.
  • Be prepared to have a remote teammate This is also very real-world like too


  • jQuery, AJAX
  • Express server, static assets
  • RESTful design
  • JSON serving /api routes
  • Bootstrap - the lab will introduce modals
  • CRUD with mongoose
    • mongoose embedded relationships
    • Part 3: mongoose references


This lab begins with a basic front-end to display a list of music albums. As we progress through we'll:

  • serve the album data from our server's /api/ routes.
  • get the data from the server using ajax and display it on the page with jQuery
  • retrieve the data from the database
  • add functionality to create a new album
  • add functionality to remove/delete an album
  • add the ability to edit/update an album
  • support storing song information (with full CRUD) (mongoose embedded)
  • add a second major route for artist information (mongoose reference)

On Working in Groups

Refer to this markdown file for advice on how to work in a group.

Project Planning

It's important to do a good amount of planning and whiteboarding before you start coding. That'll save you from costly mistakes and help you to refine the eventual user experience before you've invested hours in the project.

We're going to use "outside-in development" practices. This means that we'll start by designing our UI (the outside). Then we'll move more inside by connecting it to a backend serving hard-coded data. Next, we'll retrieve that data from a database.

We will also be breaking our work into short sprints with specific design goals. In each sprint we'll try to work outside-in.

Let's start with a basic wireframe.

Image Alt

Typically when you work on a project you'll start with a basic idea and do your initial development on paper or whiteboard. You can develop and "virtually" test your app with wireframes. There are also a number of software packages that will help you build wireframes.

In the above you can see we're building a site that displays a list of musical albums. It also has a jumbotron to introduce users to the page. This is our starting point only; you'll be responsible for evolving it as we work through the lab.

Getting Started

  • fork and clone this lab repo
  • read this doc then proceed to sprint 1


Module A: Create and Read with Mongo and embedded model relationships.

Sprint 1

Sprint 1: serve & display hard-coded data on the page, then connect to a database

Sprint 2

Sprint 2: add a form and support creation of new data

Sprint 3

Sprint 3: add mongo embedded song data

Module B: Update and Delete with Mongo and embedded model relationships.

Sprint 4

Sprint 4: delete albums

Sprint 5

Sprint 5: edit and update album info

Sprint 6

Sprint 6: update song info & delete songs

Module C: Full CRUD with Mongo and embedded relationships.

Use what we learned this week to create a relationship between Albums and Songs! Update your routes accordingly.


  • Style the heck out of this. Make you group's the most beautiful of all!
  • Make it responsive, so it looks beautiful on your phone.
  • Add new features, let your imagination run wild!

Extra Bonus:

  • Add OAuth!