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Create an API for an Express App


Looking for some more practice exposing an API for an app? Good!

Lab Requirements

  1. Get in the .../starter-code/mongoose-movies folder inside of this lab's folder in the class repo.

  2. Install the Node modules: $ npm install.

  3. Create a RESTful API for the movies resource that includes all 5 RESTful routes.

  4. The cast property of each movie document must be populated with the performer documents.

  5. Collaborate and smile.


  • Expose a full RESTful API for the performers resource as well.


This lab is a deliverable!

  • Be sure to commit your work:

     $ git add -A
     $ git commit -m "API Lab"
  • Push to your fork of the class repo:

     $ git push origin master
  • Browse to .../starter-code/mongoose-movies folder in your fork of the repo in GHE, copy the URL in the address bar and slack that URL to your instructional team.