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Project 4 - Final Project

We recommend reading through this doc before you get started.


Technical Requirements

What technologies will I be using?

Your app must meet the following technical requirements:

  • Use a database. MongoDB or SQL; it's up to you.
  • Build a full-stack application by making your own back-end and your own front-end.
  • Create a complete product, which most likely means multiple related resources and CRUD functionality for each.
  • Create a focused product. Know which features are essential to build for your MVP and which to set aside for later.
  • Think about your users and build features that create a pleasing and logical user experience.
  • Handle errors gracefully, and provide useful feedback to users when errors or validation failures do occur.
  • Budget some time for looks; looks aren't everything but you'll feel better about your work and your presentation if you spend some time on the frontend of your project.

Further Exploration

What if I want to do more?
  • Incorporate an external API to add data and functionality to your application.
  • Use a data visualization library to help users understand your core data.
  • Implement third-party log in to allow users to access data from other services.
  • Test; write tests for critical components of your code to ensure that it works.

Planning & Deliverables

What will I be turning in?

Project Planning Deliverables

You should review the following with your instructional team BEFORE you start to code.

  • Scope: What are you planning to build? What do you reasonably think you can implement in the time period?
  • User Stories: Who is your user? What features will your app have? Set up your project and user stories in Trello.
  • Wireframes: Sketch out what your core pages will look like and how they will work. Consider making a paper prototype to demonstrate and/or test key user interactions.
  • Data Models: Draw out the models and any associations for your project in an entity relationship diagram (ERD).
  • Milestones: Divide your work into parts - the most essential features for your MVP, features that are important but not essential, and features that can be saved for a later iteration. Create 3-5 major milestones with dates outlining when you expect essential features will be done.
  • Feasibility Study: If you're using an external API or scraping a website, make sure you can get that data. If you're using a new language, framework, or tool, go through its getting started tutorial. We will ask to see your results.

Completed Project Deliverables

  • A working full-stack application, hosted somewhere on the internet.
  • A git repository hosted on Github, with frequent commits dating back to the beginning of the project.
  • A link to your hosted working app in the URL section of your Github repo.
  • A file with:
    • A link to your hosted working app.
    • A paragraph-long description (elevator pitch) of your project.
    • A list of the technologies used.
    • A list of installation steps for the app itself and any dependencies - how would another developer run your site locally?
    • Link to your user stories - who are your users, what do they want, and why?
    • Link to your wireframes – sketches of major views / interfaces in your application.
    • Link to your entity relationship diagrams – plan out your data relationships before coding.
    • Descriptions of any unsolved problems or future features.


When is the project due?
  • Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 - Project planning deliverables due! Before beginning work on your project, your idea, project scope, and other planning deliverables must be approved by an instructor.

  • 4:00pm, Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 - Feature Freeze

  • 1:30pm, Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 - Completed project deliverables due and presentations!


How do I turn in the project?
  • As you make code changes, frequently commit and push to GitHub.
  • You will be required to submit the GitHub URL and the URL to the live site in the business Slack channel.

Presentation Guidelines

What should I cover during my presentation?

Project 4 presentations will start at 1:30pm on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020. Each presentation should be 10 minutes or less and cover the following:

  • What was your motivation to build this project?
  • App summary
  • Demo of your project's core functionality.
  • What is one feature you're particularly proud of? (show code)
  • Challenges you faced
  • Shout-outs!