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Part I: Members, Students and Instructors

You're starting your own web development school called Codebar! Everybody at Codebar -- whether they are attending workshops or teaching them -- is a Member.

  • Each member has a full_name.
  • Each member should be able to introduce themselves (e.g., "Hi, my name is Kevin!").

Each Member is also either a Student or an Instructor.

  • Each student has a reason for attending Codebar (e.g., "I've always wanted to make websites!").
  • Each instructor a bio (e.g., "I've been coding in Python for 5 years and want to share the love!").
  • Each instructor also has a set of skills (e.g., ["Python", "Javascript", "C++"]).
  • An instructor can gain a new skill using add_skill.

Part II: Workshops

Codebar also has Workshops. Each workshop has...

  • A date.
  • A subject.
  • A group of instructors.
  • A roster of students.

An add_participant method that accepts a member as an argument. If the Member is an Instructor, add them to the instructors list. If a Member is a Student, add them to the students list.

Create another method print_details that outputs the details of the workshop.

Test Your Code

Make your code work for the following calls and print out the response you can see in the comments below...

workshop = Workshop("12/03/2014", "Shutl")

jane = Student("Jane Doe", "I am trying to learn programming and need some help")
lena = Student("Lena Smith", "I am really excited about learning to program!")
vicky = Instructor("Vicky Python", "I want to help people learn coding.")
nicole = Instructor("Nicole McMillan", "I have been programming for 5 years in Python and want to spread the love")

# =>
# Workshop - 12/03/2014 - Shutl
# Students
# 1. Jane Doe - I am trying to learn programming and need some help
# 2. Lena Smith - I am really excited about learning to program!
# Instructors
# 1. Vicky Ruby - HTML, JavaScript
#    I want to help people learn coding.
# 2. Nicole McMillan - Ruby
#    I have been programming for 5 years in Ruby and want to spread the love

Bonus I

The print_details method currently does a number of different things, like printing out workshop details, the list of Students and the list of Coaches.

Create separate methods to print the workshop details (date and classroom), a method to print out the students and one to print out the coaches. Call these from print_details instead of having all the code there.

Hint: look into defining private class methods.