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React & JSX Lab
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Jamie King
Front-end frameworks

JSX and React


We've now seen how React is able to render HTML in the DOM with the help of JSX. We've also combined JavaScript and JSX to loop through arrays of data and apply that data to components via this.props.

Your mission now is to build a static site for a pizza place. On this site you will be using React to build out small components for each section of the site, and show info about their menu and locations through data we've provided.

Your end product should look something like this:


You will be working in the pizza-express folder. This repository was created using create-react-app, but has additional data and styling to help you get started with the site.

  1. Install the dependencies using npm install
  2. Open your text editor.
  3. Start the dev server using npm start


Use the deployed version of the app to build your own version. You will need to create a components folder to put your new components in. Use these 8 component names to build your app:

  • Contact
  • Description
  • Location
  • LocationList
  • Menu
  • MenuItem
  • Navbar
  • SplashImage

We have also provided css for you in index.css. Many of the classes match the component names, take a look at the CSS or look at the deployed version using the element tabs in chrome dev tools to get an idea of where to apply the classes.


  • Import the location and menu items using the import command. Example: import menuData from '../pizzaData.js
  • Loop through the provided data by using .map.
  • Use the Location & MenuItem component as a single instance of a location or item. You will apply props to these components from the mapped array of data.

Deployment (Stretch Goal)

Once you finish your site, let's deploy it onto Heroku using the create-react-app buildpack.

git init
heroku create --buildpack
git add .
git commit -m "Deploying with create-react-app"
git push heroku master


When you complete the app, submit via Schoology. Include both a link to this repo, and a link to the deployed app if you completed the stretch goal.

Additional Resources