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Project Overview


Creating a database and front end in which a user will be able to find self help to repair their vehicle.

Project Schedule

This schedule will be used to keep track of your progress throughout the week and align with our expectations.

You are responsible for attending squad standup at the begining and end of the day.

Day Deliverable Status
Day 1 Project Description and Wireframes / Priority Matrix Complete
Day 2 Prepare Data Base code / start pseudoCode Complete
Day 3 Actual code for frontend / Functional Components Complete
Day 4 Style Application Structure (HTML, CSS, etc.) Complete
Day 5 Test application and ensure it works Complete
Day 6 MVP and Deployment of Application Complete
Day 7 Present Incomplete

Project Description

This application will allow people to search for different car manufacturers and identify what models and styles are associated with that manufacturer. As a specific vehicle is chosen a more indepth description of the vehicle will be given. Engine type, Trim(style), and Fuel type.


  • Homepage

  • second page

Priority Matrix


  • Create external api
  • Ensure CRUD functionality
  • Create new car, model, manufacturer
  • Read models of cars, manufacturer of cars and different parts for a car
  • be able to update an existing car
  • be able to delete a model or manufacuturer that has gone out of business
  • Show images of cars
  • details of various cars on the home page
  • selection of a car
  • be able to edit cars, create new cars


  • Look up repair instructions for a particular car and its parts

Architectural Design


UI Components

Component Description
Header This will render the header
App This will render the main Page
List of Cars This will render a list of cars on the home page

| Footer | This will render the Footer|

Time Frames

Component Priority Estimated Time Actual Time
Adding Form H 2hrs 2 hrs
Creating API M 3hrs 4hrs
Testing API H 3hrs 3 hrs
Checking CRUD H 3hrs 3 hrs
Creating Front-end components H 3hrs 3 hrs
Creating Seed Database manually H 4hrs 4 hrs
Testing Components for FrontEnd M 3hrs 3 hrs
Media Query Styling H 6hrs 6 hrs
Styling M 4hrs 4 hrs
Debugging M 6hrs 6 hrs
Testing Final product H 1hrs 1 hrs
Total M 40 hrs 39hrs

Helper Functions

Helper functions should be generic enough that they can be reused in other applications. Use this section to document all helper functions that fall into this category.


Function Description
Capitalize This will capitalize the first letter in a string of text

Additional Libraries

Use this section to list all supporting libraries and thier role in the project.

Library What it Does
Axios used to call api data to the front end
React-router-dom used to manuever through the DOM

Code Snippet

Use this section to provide a brief description of code functionality that you are proud of


function reverse(string) {
	// here is the code to reverse a string of text

Change Log

Use this section to document what changes were made and the reasoning behind those changes.


Original Plan Outcome
Have Two tables Deleted extra unneeded tables that were taking to much time to associate

Issues and Resolutions

Unable to deploy for unknown reasons, app code file has required files and documentation but there is no clear error or resolution at this time.

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