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Yulia's version of Zuma Game
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PawBall Game

PawBall Game in progress


  • Allen Wright
  • Brock Whitbread-Cole
  • Carson Butterfield

for the help finding inspiration and creating this first GA project.


PawBall is a tile-matching puzzle game. The challenge is: Chain of diffecent color balls start to roll around the screen.

Eliminate all of the balls before they make a circle and return to the starting point.

User has a paw on the middle of the screen with a ball of a random color.
When user sees more than two balls of the same color in a row that match the paw’s available color, user can shoot and remove these balls from the board.
If user removes all balls before they make a circle and return to the starting poin - user wins the game.

PawBall won photo

If user cannot remove all balls before they make a circle and return to the starting point - user loses the game.

PawBall lost photo

Why PawBall?

The original version of PawBall is Zuma game. It inspired me to make my own version of the game for the first project.
I used to play Zuma when I was a kid. I thought it would be a great idea to understand how my favorite game works from the inside.

Technologies I used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SVG
  • JavaScript

I used HTML/CSS and JavaScript before I took SVG for extra challenge.

  • SVG has slightly different approach.

PawBall won photo

  • During the building my project I found SVG very usefull for animation.

  • First I planned to use coordinates, but then I decided to use timing.
    For my implementation it means that the path cannot be curved.

  • I decided to avoid using classes and classes interaction for making my life slightly easier.

Next Features:

Requirements and Link

Firefox (Chrome did not fix bugs with SVG animation)


The game (Firefox only!):

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