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5 Minute Topic Discussions.

5 Minute topic discussion are designed to mimic situations in interviews in which potential employers ask you to explain or teach a topic.

You will each be assigned 3 topics to give a presentation/discussion on over the immersive. Each topic will be assigned one of the below scenarios as it's means/background of being delivered.

  • Potential employer has assigned you a topic and asks you to come prepared to teach it at your next on-site interview to an audience of potential coworkers both in and outside of the department your applied for.

You may prepare slides, example code or write on the white board for this scenario

  • After graduation from DSI, you meet a new student of DSI at a happy hour. The new student says they will begin learning about [Your topic] next week, and you decide to give them a little exposure to the subject before hand. (You may discuss tactics you used to better help you understand the topic at hand).

You may not prepare slides or any other premeditated resources.
You may bring beer in for this scenario

  • You are asked to explain a concept that you have referenced several times to your "not data focused" coworker, several other coworkers from the Design and Development department are also interested in learning about this topic so you set up a formal presentation to explain it to them

You MUST prepare slides for this scenario
You WILL be giving this presentation to other members of GA
You essentially have to explain a topic you learned to everyone at GA in a way they can understand it.. Good Luck

Schedule of "Guest" Speakers .

Week 8 : Friday January 11th
- Shannon : CARTs - Roy : Support Vector Machines

Week 10 : Friday January 25th - Shannon : Feature Selection - Roy : Hyper-Parameter Tuning

Week 12 : TBD(Need to find a day and time that works for WDI and UXDI) - Shannon : Classification vs. Regression - Roy : Natural Language Processing.