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Denver Flex

A place for Denver specific course information and flex time activities.


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Table of Contents

Each week folder has an iPython Notebook or Markdown file summarizing the key aspects of the learning objectives of said week

Video Lectures

Office Hours

Book office hours with global instructors and remote TAs here.


Course Wiki

This wiki has a lot of useful info, but it is badly out of date. Check it out, if you like.

Weekly Calendar

I've created a Google calendar for Denver which you should have access to and bookmarked. I'll be sharing guest lectures, flex time activities, happy hours, and Denver-specific meetups there.

You may also find the global course calendar here.

Recommended Readings


Machine Learning

Other Topics

Practice and Complementary Online Courses

  • DataCamp - Certificates of completion look good on your resume. Anything "Python", "DataScience" or "SQL"
  • Andrew Ng's Machine Learning Course - May have to shell out $20-$30 for this course.
  • DataSchool Videos on YouTub - Short videos on specific topics. The presenter, Kevin Markham, was one of the original Data Science instructors at General Assembly and help outline the structure of The DSI program.
  • Hacker Rank - Practice Python skills
  • Code Wars - Practice Python skills
  • Code Academy - Learn Python or other languages
  • Khan Academy- Learn Math, Python or other languages