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Housing Price Model for Ames, IA

Once again, I was amazed at how far computers have come from 'Hello,World" to predicting house prices. Moreover, how much more there is out there for me to learn. This was another project that challenged me in beginning to understand Regression models like Linear, Lasso, and Ridge. Eventhough my understanding is still muddy, my knowledge of thier existence makes me that much smarter, I guess. The Ames, IA dataset was the biggest data set that I've worked with, to date. The Ames Housing Dataset is an exceptionally detailed and robust dataset with over 70 columns of different features relating to houses. My task was to create a Model that would, as best as possible, predict housing prices using train_test_split, cross validation, and strong exploratory data analysis to question correlation and relationship across predictive variables. My model wasnt the best, but it wasnt the worst. Im not satisfied, more so relieved that this is done, much to learn!


Cesar M.