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For this assignment you'll be creating a Javascript painting app. When you're done, it should display this functionality.

Use the starter code and commit each step of the exercise.

Set up

  1. Fork and clone this repo.
  2. Work in small steps and commit frequently.
  3. When you're finished, push your code back to GA Github and submit via the GA-Grader

Commit 1

  • When I click the "Set Color" button, it should change the color of the "brush" box to the color I specify in the input field.
  • You can use document.querySelector (or another document method) to select the element, then add an event listener.

HINT: You will notice that the page refreshes whenever you click the button. You need to prevent this from happening using a method you have not used before. Google "javascript event prevent default".

Commit 2

  • The same thing should happen when I press the enter key from inside the input field

Commit 3

  • Create 20 divs of the "square" class and append them to the body
    • Hint: use .appendChild()

Commit 4

  • Add functionality so that when I click on each "square", it changes the color of that individual square to "green"
    • Hint: either add the event listener while creating the squares, or listen for events on the body element

Commit 5

  • Modify your code so that when I click on each "square", it changes to the color I set using my input instead of "green" every time.

Commit 6

  • Modify the CSS so that the "square" class has a height and width of 10px and a margin of 0.
  • Modify your code so that you are creating 8000 divs instead of 20.
  • Change the event that changes your box colors from 'click' to 'mouseover'
  • Paint a picture!


  • Add a color swatch. You should have 3 boxes with the most recent 3 colors used. When you click on each of those boxes, it should set the current brush color back to that color.