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<title> Andy's Portfolio </title>
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<p><b>Andy Mo</b><p>
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<h2 class="header-about">Who Am I?</h2>
<p class="about-p"> Andy Mo is my name and Software Engineering is my game. I am a curious mind with a willingness to learn about anything and everything that interests me.
I aspire to create or be apart of something that will leave its fingerprint on this world. Other than coding, I enjoy playing basketball, hanging out with my friends, and
being around my loved ones.
<div class="content-projects row" id="projects">
<div class="project-one column">
<img class="project-one-img" src="./images/project1.jpg">
<div class="project-one column">
<h2 class="project-one-header">Project Skynet</h2>
<p>This is the very first project I did with a partner in my software engineering course at General Assembly. For this project,
I mainly worked in the backend. This was my first experience working on the backend and I struggled quite a bit while doing it but
I believe I learned a lot about what I needed to work on and got a good first taste of what it is like building a full stack application.
<div class="content-projects row" id="projects">
<div class="project-one column">
<h2 class="project-one-header">Wayfarer</h2>
<p>This was the third project in my software engineering bootcamp. Unlike the others, we had to follow a strict way of doing this project to simulate
having a client. In this project, I sharpened my front-end and back-end skills as it was hard to work in react.
<div class="project-one column">
<img class="project-one-img" src="./images/project3.jpg">
<div class="content-contact" id="contact">
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